In case you did not see it on our Facebook page (, we have a brand new clip with interviews from Cleveland, Chicago, and Lithuania!

In the clip we have:

  • Aldona Stempuziene (Cleveland): Aldona is an opera singer. Her father Benediktas Butkus was arrested and thrown into political prison for 16 years in Lithuania.

  • Linas Johansonas (Cleveland): Current editor of LTNews.Net on Facebook.

  • Elena Peciulaityte Janusauskiene (Cleveland): Sister of famous Partisan fighter Lakstingala (Nightingale).

  • Algis Ruksenas (Cleveland): Author of several books including Day Of Shame about Simas Kudirka.

  • Dominincus Jasaitis Valiunas (Spring Island, South Carolina): VILKAS and other Lithuanian related stories.

  • President Valdas Adamkus (USA/Lithuania): Former President of Lithuania.

  • Linas Polikaitis, Darius Polikaitis, Audrius Polikaitis, and Vidas Nerauskas (California/Chicago/Detroit): Roko Marsas 1987 Per Lietuva participants and attendees.

We hope you enjoy it and we will post more soon!

#film #history #video #Lithuania #Lietuva #Freedom #Laisve #occupation #USSROccupation #nonviolentresistance #Partisans #Partizanai #RokoMarsas #WWII #SovietUnion

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