The Freedom War Museum

While in Lithuania, we had the opportunity to interview a former partisan fighter who runs a very educational museum near the border between Lithuania and Latvia. The Freedom War Museum (Laisves Kovu Muziejus) is run by Andrius Druckus in Obeliai, Lithuania. During our time there, we had a chance to film and photograph inside the museum before sitting down for the interview. The collection that Andrius has amassed is enormous. He started collecting throughout the Soviet occupation, hiding it all from Soviet authorities. Andrius suffered his own personal tragedy when he witnessed his brother's murder. He was shot and killed by Soviet authorities for being a partisan. While we spoke with him, it was easy to see that he was not only running the museum to preserve the history of Lithuania, but also in memory of his brother. In addition to his collection, the museum has collected over 1000 books on the Lithuanian resistance during the Soviet occupation, the Lithuanian army during the interwar period, after independence was restored, as well as many others. Below are photographs from the museum and our interview.

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