Remembering January 13th, 1991

In our last post, we mentioned that it was an important week for Lithuania. On January 13th, 1991, unarmed Lithuanians stood up to the Soviet military to defend their freedom and independence. From January 1st-9th there were Soviet provocations and the deployment of additional Soviet forces in Lithuania. On January 10th Mikhail Gorbachev issued an ultimatum demanding that Lithuania revoke the Act of Restoration of the Independent State of Lithuania. On January 11th-12th the Soviet army seized state institutions. This resulted in tens of thousands of Lithuanians gathering outside of the Lithuanian Parliament building barricades while encircling it to protect it. On January 13th, Soviet troops opened fire on, and drove tanks into, unarmed civilians killing 14 and wounding about 1000 people. This is a very important day for Lithuanians and it is remembered by sharing the memories from it and celebrating the freedom that resulted from the sacrifices of others. We filmed ceremonies from January 13th in 2014 and this year we were present for the same ceremonies. We were again reminded that freedom is never free.

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