KGB Atomic Bunker Museum

This week we will have two blog posts as it was a very important week for Lithuania. We will explain why in the next post!

Earlier this week we had the opportunity to see what a Soviet bunker looked like, right outside the city center of Kaunas. It was a bunker that was used by the KGB during Soviet times. This museum was established about 2 years ago by a private owner who had amassed an enormous collection of items from the Soviet and Nazi occupation periods. The museum's goal is to use these items as an educational tool against totalitarian communist and nazi regimes. We had a great tour guide, Marius, who took us through the museum and explained its contents in great detail. Inside the museum, we were able to view many exhibits ranging from gas masks and chemical warfare items to soviet spy equipment. We highly recommend that you visit! Below are a few images from the museum. We will add more after filming!

#history #film #Atomic #bunker

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