Media ignorance

This week we saw an article on the Internet that was extremely disheartening. German media time and again has referred to Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia as "ex-Soviet republics". This caused three ambassadors of each Baltic nation to ask German media to stop referring to the Baltic nations in this manner. We cannot help but agree. These countries were not Soviet Republics nor were they liberated by the Soviet Union.

The occupation of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia by the Soviet Union was illegal and this has been proven as fact. However, we keep seeing these references which reinforces our purpose as to why we are making this film.

This common ignorance is not going away and our goal is to help educate the international community. We realize that we are not the first film to address this topic, but we would really like to reach more people in more countries in the hope of correcting these misconceptions while telling Lithuania 's story.

To find out more, here is the link to the article:

Baltic Ambassadors to ZEIT Online: Baltic states aren't ex-Soviet republics

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