The Soul of Lithuania

This week was an interview filming week. We first met with Aage Myhre, editor of Vilnews.Net and journalist. He lived in Lithuania for over 20 years and chronicled Lithuania's independence movement. One memorable thing that he said was that no matter what is done to Lithuania, the soul of Lithuania cannot be destroyed and that there is something very special about the soul of this country.

Next we sat down with Darius Udrys and discussed how he and the band he was in, Musmire, opened for Antis and what it was like to be 16 singing in front of 5,000 people in a concert for Lithuanian freedom. We also discussed the more political aspects of Lithuania's resistance movement.

We also had a chance to talk to Kestas Pikunas who recently put out Passport LT which is a journal full of interviews with various familiar Lithuanian faces and stories about Lithuania. We highly recommend you pick up a copy!

Until next week...

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