Kickstarter Round II Approved

Even more good news! Our second round of Kickstarter, after several rounds of editing has been approved! We are extremely pleased that the project was accepted but now we need your help! We have 60 days to reach our goal.

Some background information:

We are initiating our second Kickstarter campaign to help with the following costs: completing the remaining interviews in the US as well as Lithuania and Europe, acquisition of rights to the music integral to the non-violent revolution, and music original to the film, acquisition of additional historical archive footage and photographs as well as documents, editing and production costs.

As we have said before, no one on the team is retaining a salary while making this film. Our costs are based on services rendered. Although we have received materials and assistance at no cost, and are very grateful, this does not cover the costs described above.

We thank you in advance for your continued support of our film, and your additional investments that will help in reaching our goal!

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