Three Days, Five Airports...

Labas from Lithuania!

Upon wrapping up two successful interviews in Seattle, our director, Rima, boarded her flight to Lithuania 10 hours after landing in Chicago from her trip. After some complications due to work strikes in France, she was stuck in Berlin for the evening and was able to catch the next flight out at 9:30 AM on Wednesday morning! In total she went from Chicago to London, London to Berlin after a three hour delay, Berlin to Copenhagen the next morning, and finally Copenhagen to Vilnius. International travel is always an adventure!

We completed an interview with this morning and attended the Mourning and Hope Day ceremony remembering the evening of June 14th, 1941 when the massive deportations began. More information about this event in history can be found here:

The interview link will be provided later this weekend.

We are currently scheduling interviews and working on obtaining archival footage.

We will update on our next interviews in a few days!

Best wishes,

Rima and the GameChanger Team


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