When Purchasing Camera Equipment...

Hello Everyone!

As it turns out, buying camera equipment can be a bit of an adventure. When we decided it was time to purchase a more portable set of equipment, we turned to our head of production, Jeff, to recommend what would brands, sizes, best buys, etc. would be suitable. We settled on the Canon XF100, which is about three times smaller than the professional grade HD video camera Jeff uses and perfect for travel. It also just happens to be the mini version of his camera so the quality is just as good!

So we went to all the major dealers including Canon itself and discovered that the camera is on back order. Knowing that we definitely wanted this specific HD camera we went to one other source that we knew would have it- eBay.

We ended up finding a new Canon XF100 and even saved over #100 dollars on it after the bid was over! We set out to find the rest of our equipment there as well. We found a new Rode NG-3 Shotgun microphone which retails at $700 dollars for $300 dollars. Such a steal! Some of the sellers even threw in items for free that were extremely expensive so the adventurous chance we took through eBay really paid off. We bought out lights from DayFlo, the EZ-Lite 700 kit which provides two light sets and extra bulbs for around $250 dollars.

Since this was our team’s first time buying camera equipment from another source we figured we’d share our experiences with all of you and future filmmakers!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write to us!



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