One Week Until Lithuania

Hello Everyone!

We have been hard at work finishing the last few interviews until we depart for Lithuania! We were just in Madison, Wisconsin interviewing Dr. Alfred Senn about his time in Lithuania and what he witnessed during the January 13th interviews. It was a fantastic interview and we what we learned was fascinating.

Our next interview, this past weekend was with Linas Muliolis who was a student studying abroad in Lithuania in 1991. He participated in the January 13th events and gave us his account about what is was like to be a Lithuanian-American in Lithuania at that time.

The stories were absolutely fascinating and we are very glad to have been able to hear them! We will be wrapping up here in North America with interviews in Lansing, Michigan with Saulius Anuzis and in Seattle, Washington with Dr. Guntis Smidchens and Dr. Amanda Swain.

We are thrilled with how far we have come since March 20th when we started this project and we are so excited to continue the next phase in Lithuania! We will keep all of you informed of what will be going on, our interviews, etc. so stay tuned!



Many thanks from Rima and the GameChanger Team!

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