Toronto Interviews Round I

Our weekend in Toronto was extremely productive! We were able to film three interviews with people who gave us more insight on the armed resistance, the 1970′s, and the nonviolent resistance movement. All three of these interviews had great stories and we learned more from them. We were also invited to Toronto Gintaras’s Lithuanian Folk Dance performance with was extremely enjoyable. We met with Toronto’s Honorary Consulate General and several others. We will return to Toronto in the coming months for follow up interviews and additional filming.

Currently our Kickstarter is 103% funded at $10, 335! We are extremely excited about this and very thankful to everyone who has donated to make this goal a reality. We have already gotten started as we have just completed work in Toronto and will be filming interviews in Seattle, Detroit, Chicago, Madison, and a few other cities before going to Lithuania where we will film and collect archive footage. We plan on starting another Kickstarter on June 1st and extending it to September 1st.

Stay tuned for more updates!

-Rima and the GameChanger Team

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